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Technical Services Team (TST) is an authorized service provider to service and support Formax’s paper handling equipment including, Bursters, Detachers, Decollators, Check Signers/ Imprinters and Paper Folders.  Our Customer Service Engineers are factory trained. TST is an expert at repairing paper handling equipment. We have dedicated technical support staff and stock Formax parts. You can leverage our service experience with your end user customers to provide expert Formax paper handling equipment service and support.

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Formax Equipment Repair Coverage

Nationwide coverage includes the US and Canada.

Formax Service Options 

TST offers nationwide onsite repair, as well as 24 X 7 coverage for mission critical applications and time and material support on all Formax equipment.  TST is certified to install and de-install Formax equipment.

Formax Products Supported include*:

*This list is just a sample of the Formax models TST supports, contact us for complete details. 

Formax Bursters/ Detachers

Formax Decollators

Formax Paper Folders

Formax Shredders

Formax Check Signers

FD 4150
FD 4170
FD 4400
FD 500
FD 540
FD 550
FD 566
FD 572
FD 668
FD 670
FD 680

FD 590

FD 305
FD 312
FD 320
FD 332
FD 340
FD 342
FD 372
FD 382
FD 38X
FD 390

FD 8200
FD 8202
FD 8300
FD 8400
FD 8500
FD 8600
FD 8650
FD 8702
FD 8802
FD 8902

FD 100
FD 130
FD 150

Partner with TST and let us help you grow your service business today.  Service is our ONLY business. Contact us at 800-365-8340 or [email protected] to arrange a TST service plan that meets your end user customer’s needs.  

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